Casino tables bring your function all the thrill and excitement of an authentic casino but without any of the risk! We use fake money which is provided at each event which keeps your hands full and your wallet even fuller.

The team possess years of invaluable experience at reputable London casinos such as The Ritz and Crockfords, delivering first class service as standard. They provide a manner of casino games for all your gambling needs. These include Black Jack, Roulette and Craps/Dice tables. For the poker player, we also have Texas hold ‘em and Stud poker available for hire. 

Whatever your occasion, whether it be a wedding, birthday or a corporate function, we can cater for a range of guest sizes. Since 2009, they have dealt at the Metropolitan Police’s annual conference where ten tables have been requested, however they are equally willing to provide one table for a private function.

Located in Sussex, venues across the South are easily accessible for the team with venues afar field as Birmingham and Milton Keynes being previously reached, visibly displaying our customers’ desire for professional and high quality service.